GLAM Capital ’s services cover different asset classes and scales. We strive to understand our clients ’investment objectives and provide unrivaled investment perspectives to help clients easily navigate different market cycles in turbulent market conditions to create superior investment results.

Discretionary Investment Management Services (DIMS)

‘Know Your Client’ is our motto in portfolio management. We tailor-make an investment policy dedicated to every discretionary client. Adhering to the clients’ needs and profile, we build customized discretionary portfolios with investment strategies based on the risk aversions, investment horizons and their capital requirements. Clients undergo risk assessment to determine their risk aversions. Investment objectives can vary from stable income to capital appreciation; therefore only the best fit of asset product mix will be allocated in their portfolios.

Investment Advisory Services

GLAM is honored to have won the trust of our loyal clientele. We play an active role in serving them with placing, underwriting and company listing activities. Through all the years of business networking, the asset sizes of the placing and underwriting services aggregate in the amount of HKD 1 billion. So far, our geographical focus has been Hong Kong.

Risk management is our key focus to develop the appropriate advisory strategies to meet the clients’ requirements. On top of fundamental analysis amidst the changes among macroeconomic factors, we assess the effects, and weigh the pros and cons to minimize the risks in the particular market concerned while maximizing the performance of the outcome.

Fund Services

At the moment, there are three up-and-running funds under management. Fund performance has been undeniably strong, rewarding our fund investors with consistent capital growth and long term returns. We, herewith, are also proud to present to you our disciplined holistic approach in investing.