Our Investment process integrates both top-down and bottom-up approaches incorporating qualitative and quantitative analyses, as well as ESG screening.

Top-down Approach

Top-down approach walks through the macro picture in view of political environment, interest rates, currencies and country economic health, together forming asset allocation. In addition, the best sector among geographical regions and diverse asset classes is timely appropriated after assessing all the underlying risks.

Bottom-up Approach

Bottom-up approach dives into microanalysis of companies before creating the investable universe. The process takes into account of all micro factors pivoting the companies such as business structure, profitability and management acumen etc. In particular, ESG screens analyse the company’s status in terms of environmental, social and governance responsibility. Both fundamental and technical analysis attribute to thorough research work, which are shared and discussed among the team to form the investable universe.

Portfolio Construction

Within the investable universe of asset securities, the ultimate tactical investment strategy is concluded. Model portfolios are created to facilitate fund portfolio constructions whereby assets are being selected for inclusion. On a regular basis, continuous risk monitoring are conducted through vigorous management dialogues to come to grips with the financial updates and business momentum of the corresponding investments. On-site company visits are also arranged to enhance the due diligence process.